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Bike lights

Once I'd bought new brackets, I tried the DLumotec with the Lumotec as a secondary light. It didn't really work, which turns out to be another known problem.
But I sent the rattling light off to AMBA (the importers), who sent me back a replacement. The halogen Lumotec now comes up to noticeable brightness around 12mph, but I'm not really sure whether it's worth bothering with or not. (I haven't tried a series capacitor yet).
With Andreas hinting at a new Schmidt light I might hold off on buying an IQ Fly, but the current setup is certainly usable as is.
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Dynamo light on fork
Dynamo light on fork,
originally uploaded by armb.
I foolishly left my battery backup light on the bike yesterday, and it was stolen. No problems getting home with the dynamo light, but it's annoying. (The battery light had very good side visibility when stopped at a junction - and annoying glare upwards, but mounting it under the bar bag fixes that. And Cycle King not only aren't having their January sale at the moment (obviously), they don't have the same light any more even at full price. Halfords do something exactly equivalent, but more expensive than the Hella.)

I wonder when the IQ Fly will be available.

Hub dynamo

Aug. 16th, 2007 08:04 am
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Hub dynamo
Hub dynamo,
originally uploaded by armb.
The bad news is that H Drake, the friendly helpful bike shop conveniently close to work, are moving out of town and concentrating on non-bike-related parts of their business.
The (transient) good news is that they have sale prices on their remaining stock. While I can't justify £900 for a Birdy City even if it is £300 less than usual, I did buy their hub dynamo demonstrator - there are more efficient hubs than the NX22, and better B+M lights than the Dlumotec coming soon (or some really nice homemade lights out there with Cree XR-E LEDs and sawn up E6 reflectors), but at £55 for the lot and given the chances of my actually putting something better together by autumn, I thought it was worth it.
(There's a Shimano light-sensing switch there too, but not wired in.)
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My turn for reception lunch cover at work.
It was foggy cycling home last night - I actually found the fork crown mounted dynamo light was easier to see by than the brighter wider beam handlebar mounted light (the Specialized, the SolidLight has been handed on for someone else to have a chance to review it). Maybe I should consider something like a Swing Grip or a NOB to move handlebar mount lights lower. Fork mounting used to be standard back in the days of crappy Ever Ready lights, but is rare nowadays.
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Cycled home with a Solidlight, on loan to someone at work for reviewing. Totally excellent, apart from the costing £195 for the set bit.
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Cycled from work to the Park and Ride through freezing rain with a bit of snow. My shoe has fallen apart - a four inch long gap where it has completely come away from the sole. They are less than two years old, and I don't wear them all the time, so I am not impressed.
I'd forgotten just how poor at braking in the wet old style chromed steel rims are (I was on the folder). But I couldn't see to go very fast anyway.
I have now found my gloves and neoprene overshoes.
Thought I'd finally mended the light (after two trips to Maplin and one to Gees to get the right size barrel connector - forgot to take the old one with me the first time), but apparently not.


Nov. 15th, 2004 06:36 pm
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Took Sophie to the vet for post-op checkup. Read more... )
Gardening, including finishing putting bubblewrap up in greenhouse. It would have been better to do it before the frost, but at least plants waiting to go in for the winter were under cover.
Family cycle outings in Ickworth Park and Thetford Forest, the latter with Frodo (the puppy) along too, which he loved.
Fitted my dynamo to a Dynashoe. Read more... )

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