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Nana Pam has a new computer. Well, a newer computer, from (not one of the ones currently listed). It has XP Pro on it.

My task is to copy everything useful off her current, Windows 98, machine.

That probably means copying "My Documents" (happening as I write), and making sure she has a copy of Word Read more... )

But it might be quite nice to turn the whole machine into a VM, for playing old games that don't work even in compatibility mode, and in case anything else that was on it is ever useful.
Read more... )

Home Hub

Jun. 3rd, 2007 10:12 am
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Finally got around to trying to use the BT Home Hub. with limited success )
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Did I mention that BT sent me a free Home Hub before Christmas, but I didn't do anything with it? Hmm, probably not.
Anyway, it turns out that it runs Linux, and BT have released (at least some of) the source only after complaints that they were violating the GPL, and that it can act as a print server. I must try and have a play with it sometime.
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Can anyone recommend an easy way of taking a load of mp3 files currently arranged as
<track artist>/<album>/<track name>
and rearranging them as
((genre == "Classical" || genre == "Books & Spoken Word") ? <composer> : <album artist>)/<album>/<track name> ?
mp3tag comes close, and Googling a little more Tag&Rename might do it, but further recommendations welcomed.

[EDIT: Now using &lt; &gt; rather than < >. Doh.]

Edgy Eft

Oct. 30th, 2006 09:18 am
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Well that was easy. Last week I finally got around to setting up Ubuntu again after the disk shuffling. This morning I pressed the "Updates available" button, and ping, new release installs.
Haven't played with it at all yet though.
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I bought a bigger hard disk before going on holiday. Read more... )
But that was booting off the original disk, and I want the new disk to be the only one. It's a SATA disk. The Windows install disk doesn't recognise the SATA controller. Read more... )
Ubuntu is quite happy with the disk with no extra faff. Read more... )
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My computer has died (the other one, not the one I'm typing this on). Read more... )

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