Jul. 15th, 2010 06:46 pm
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Note to self for future reference - alternative to conventional radiators if/when the downstairs underfloor heat fails.

Not ideal - in the library it would be behind bookshelves, though I suppose we could add a plinth. But worth considering. (There are places it would look better upstairs too, but I've already done the radiators there now.)


Oct. 25th, 2006 07:46 pm
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Turned the central heating on. Why yes, we do have working central heating, thank you for asking. Well, downstairs, anyway....
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The underfloor heating pump that was replaced soon after we moved in should have been a bronze one Read more... )
I did look on eBay for "bronze pump" under "Plumbing".
eBay found one, and helpfully suggested I might want to look at some others, under "Shoes"....
Read more... )
Still, at least I got the windpig greased last weekend.

More leaks

Mar. 4th, 2006 01:34 pm
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A couple more leaks, luckily still where I could just get at them without cutting more floor.
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This was fairly near the manifold in Pam's bedroom, but I've already done all those hoses to below where they originally went through holes in the floor. It was just reachable without cutting more floor, but the heading away from the manifold into general leaks stage has started. (Which means checking in the corner of the cupboard doesn't spot it, the first sign is water coming through the ceiling below.)


Jan. 15th, 2006 09:15 pm
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Fixed last weekend's leak properly, Read more... )
Sunday lunch then a walk with L and S and children. S has finally got the enormously expensive speaker wires with autoformers to impedence match his enormously expensive electrostatic speakers with his enormously expensive valve amplifier, so we actually got to hear the system. It's very good, but I can't claim my ears can hear the difference from a much more modestly priced system.
Fixed yet another leak this evening (at a manifold clamp again - the manifold that's awkward to get to because of the expansion tank put in when the tanks were changed). We've started thinking about how a radiator conversion would work - possibly change the tank connections to a conventional setup, leaving the lower coils free for possible future solar panel input.
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Nu-Heat phoned this morning. Based on the samples of hose, they reckon it all needs replacing, and will start leaking everywhere soon, not just at the manifolds - basically the stuff they were using 10 years ago isn't up to the job, and deteriorates in the presence of copper. Most of the piping is plastic, but the bits near the cylinder are copper, like the cylinder itself. So are the manifolds - it might be possible to replace the manifolds and some more piping with plastic, but with the cylinder being copper it wouldn't help much.
They'd be happy to sell us a replacement system....

[EDIT: I've added a link back to tagged posts from http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~armb/nuheat_underfloor_heating.html, since Google tends to like chiark.]


Dec. 21st, 2005 09:13 pm
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The Nu-Heat engineer came this morning Read more... )
Then we had another leak this evening, which I've half-fixed, probably, and will sort properly in the morning. "I know you are hungry, but I have something more urgent to do" is a phrase which apparently doesn't translate into Cat.
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Two leaks on different manifolds this morning.
And they still haven't sent the parts I asked for after the last one.

[EDIT: three (3) leaks, with the third on yet another manifold - the one tucked behind the expansion vessel for the boiler circuit.]
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Bloody Nu-heat's bloody piping is leaking again.
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Fitted a different kitchen tap (with rigid tails and no pull-out hose, so no rubber washers). Water seems to taste OK so far. The previous one is going to go into the shed with a sink from my parent's kitchen redecorating.

Our bathroom is now Dulux Tropical Lime (a colour not shown on their website - how trendy and up-to-date we must be). Very bright (the originally planned Wellbeing, a subtler green, was out-of-stock at Homebase). I fancy a shimmer overwash on one wall, but am being resisted so far.
And having installed a load of critical updates to a new XP installation at work on Friday, watching paint dry is definitely more exciting. (Intsys have promised me more memory, but then they promised the OS upgrade in November. I hadn't hassled them since until actually needing it.)

More gardening, and bought two more waterbutts. Swept the gutters - while not as bad as the autumn leaves, the bud cases from the beech trees were enough to clog them (and for a sycamore seedling to have started growing in at one point).
Monday we went pond-dipping at Wicken Fen (an Emperor Dragonfly larva being our most exciting find), and then a walk along the river in the rain for a pub lunch at the Five Miles From Anywhere (which isn't a great pub, but there isn't much choice close to it).

And this morning the underfloor heating was leaking again. Close to the same manifold as before, but a slightly different failure mode - a slit along the length of the hose close to the clamp, rather than round it at the clamp. Time for a letter to Nu-Heat, I think.
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Actually found and fixed the leak this morning, but had noticed the underfloor heating circuit pressure had dropped yesterday, it just wasn't detectable when I went round looking and feeling for it.
Same manifold I'd done another hose on recently. This weekend I'd put some better pipe clips on the manifold, and repainted the ceiling below where it was stained. Have now redone the remaining hoses on the manifold too, and moved it a bit further to provide a little more slack in the hoses. Maybe it will finally be ok now. Hope the other similar manifolds in the house don't start going the same way - so far it's only been the one that has problems, which I think is because the clips weren't up to the job so it kept popping out, moving slightly, and flexing the joints.
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Bother. Hit "Close other tabs" when I meant "Close this tab". Must find the preference that asks if you really mean that and set it at work to match home.
Fixed a leak in the underfloor heating circuit this morning, unrelated to the slow leak I was planning to fix this weekend. Luckily it wasn't actually under the floor, just at a manifold. I've been half expecting it to go there again (it has before, and I redid a couple of hose ends as a preventative measure but not all of them), but my inspections weren't quite pro-active enough.

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