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My existing boiler appears to be not inefficient enough to qualify for the scrappage scheme. I suppose that's good news in a way.
(My Ka would qualify for the car scheme, but I don't want to buy a new car.)
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I did have some of the radiators warm for a bit. But one of the new soldered joints in the cupboard is leaking - I wanted Yorkshire rings, but PTS only had endflow in stock - I need either more practice on 28mm fittings or a better blowtorch. And the pump that has been sitting in the shed since I acquired it free from cam.misc seems not to work (and without it getting water to heat both the radiators and tanks will be tricky). Still, some progress.

{EDIT: pump is working. And I went for the "sod it, use compression fittings even if it does mean 90 degree bends not 45" option on that leak. And tighted up a few more smaller leaks.]
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Last radiator is hung (last weekend), last TRV fitted this weekend.
Our dishwasher was not working well Read more... ) So thank to the magic of eBay buy-it-now and a couple in Cottenham who wanted an integrated dishwasher for their new fitted kitchen, we have a (nearly) new dishwasher.
(Also my parents came for Sunday lunch then we all went for a walk together - Granny still a lot slower than Nana, but much better than she was before her hip was done.)
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What idiot decided there should be (at least) two different threads used for 22mm compression fittings?
('That's not 22mm, it's 7/8"' is barely plausible, and not a good excuse for using both on the same pipe.)
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The underfloor heating pump that was replaced soon after we moved in should have been a bronze one Read more... )
I did look on eBay for "bronze pump" under "Plumbing".
eBay found one, and helpfully suggested I might want to look at some others, under "Shoes"....
Read more... )
Still, at least I got the windpig greased last weekend.
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Buying a new heating pump yesterday at PTS (Plumbing Trade Supplies), I picked up a copy of their new October price list. It has sections for Solar Thermal panels, and Geothermal Heat Pumps, which the previous (April) one doesn't. I'm not planning on buying anything yet, but it shows the spread of alternative sources into the mainstream.
(I did consider how I might add solar heating in future while I was working on the existing stuff this weekend, but the tanks already have twin coils and the system confuses plumbers as it is.)

[Edit: Crossposted to [ profile] chlorofilk, where I meant to post it in the first place. Right, now for a shower. With hot water, now the new pump is fitted (even if only one cylinder is in place).]
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In this weekend's exciting episode, thrill as [ profile] armb has to abandon his plan to actually reconnect the downstairs heating when the completely unrelated boiler circulating pump fails on Saturday morning. Marvel as he can't get to the old pump without moving the whole bloody cylinder.
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The new switch was
i) broken
ii) the only one in stock - there should be a replacement in this afternoon.


Sep. 4th, 2006 09:20 am
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The boiler is leaking. Looks like the pressure switch body has rusted through. I hope it's available as a spare part - while a new boiler would undoubtedly be a good thing in some ways, I was hoping not to have to buy one yet.
(I did get some radiators fitted at the weekend. Last one not in stock yet.)

A puzzle

Aug. 6th, 2006 10:14 pm
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What is the connection between this set:
Blue, brown, green/yellow, blue, brown, green/yellow
and this one:
Blue, red, yellow, yellow.
answer )
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Two leaks on different manifolds this morning.
And they still haven't sent the parts I asked for after the last one.

[EDIT: three (3) leaks, with the third on yet another manifold - the one tucked behind the expansion vessel for the boiler circuit.]
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Finally got around to doing something about the leak near the front hot water cylinder. It did provide an excuse to buy a blowtorch. (There's a bit I need to reuse and can't afford to cut anything off from that has a soldered joint on it.) And either the pipe is oversize or the boss is undersize - I suspect the latter.
It's tricky to mend soldered joints in place because even a small amount of water will turn to steam and blow your solder out of the way. I mention this because at least one of the supposedly professional plumbers who work on the system in the past didn't know that.
However a professional probably wouldn't have stopped part way through to go and see Wallace and Gromit.
i) we'd already bought the tickets
ii) it was Wallace and Gromit.
Luckily someone had the foresight to insist on isolating valves. Oh yes, that was me. And they only leaked a little bit while we were out, and it was Wallace and Gromit.
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Another leaking shower, Nana Pam's this time. Not as depressing as Bush winning, and I may even have fixed the shower already by taking it apart and tightening some loose screws. Sadly, not much chance of being able to do that to Bush.
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And the hose thing on the kitchen tap has gone from dripping to leaking quite fast. But at least the heating circuit seems to be staying pressurized (did need topping up at one point, but no water stains have appeared, and it's been ok since so I blame it on an air bubble bleeding itself).
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My car looks like it has been to a wedding where the rain has washed plum[1] blossom off the tree by the front gate and stuck it all over the car like confetti. Most of the daffodils are in flower. There's lots of new growth on the roses, even the ramblers that really should have been pruned last autumn and weren't till February.

I spent a chunk of the weekend finding that the reason there wasn't any hot water when I isolated the front tank's coil was because the mixer valve on the back tank had one of it's non-return valves fitted on the outlet instead of the inlet. Which was probably actually a good thing, since it was also upside down, with hot and cold connections reversed, so would have had positive feedback and unstabilized the mixed water temperature instead of stabilizing it. I am definitely Not Impressed with Roland Amey. Sunday paper said reports of plumbers earning £70,000 a year are exaggerated.

On the bright side, we had a fun family cycle ride with friends, and it only hailed while we were indoors and didn't even rain much (the grass is still far too wet to cut though). And I should now have twice as much hot water, though I haven't actually tried having two showers at once yet to see it the pressure loss is less than it used to be.

[1] I think it's a plum. I haven't noticed any actual fruit on it in the two years we've lived in the house.
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Replaced the leaking mixer valve. With some cunning shuffling, only needed three bends. Seems to be ok now. I want to do some work on the other cylinder now, but that's not so urgent.
Sunday Times says plumbers can make £100,000, and I know I can do a better job that some of the people whose work I've been fixing....
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Plumbing Trade Supplies very helpfully let me collect stuff at just after 11am on Saturday even though they close at 11 (I thought they closed at 12 and called on the way to swimming). Sadly the mixing valve they were sent isn't the same configuration as the one in the catalogue that I ordered. Did finish off the guttering.
And we had a very nice Valentine's Day dinner at the White Pheasant.


Feb. 2nd, 2004 06:38 pm
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I believe in the BBC (Not as a perfect source of absolute truth, but as a generally good thing. Link copied from [ profile] drplokta)

Put guttering around the shrine thing. Well, mostly, found I hadn't kept the cracked running outlet I thought would do, so have now ordered a new one. Why didn't whoever built the house (about seven years ago) use a make of guttering that one of the local builders' merchants, DIY shops, or plumbing specialists kept in stock and didn't need every bit ordered in? But the old guttering I'd taken down from the back of the house just fitted (it's in much shorter lengths in its new place, with a much smaller roof draining onto it, so the fact that it had bent too much to be where it was isn't as much of a problem).
Also ordered a mixing valve for the hot water system, because the old one is dripping, another new thing wrong with the hot water/heating system. :-( (The tanks that were replaced about a year ago were supposed to come with those bits, but didn't, so old one was reused. It's been ok till now though.)

Decided not to cycle fifteen miles through rain into Cambridge for Winter Ale Festival I'd forgotten about until crazyscot mentioned it. (I don't condone cycling while really drunk, but cycling with moderate amounts of alcohol is much safer for other people than driving, even if driving is still legal.)

Bought some seed potatoes and some things for making raised beds, and decided where they are going to go (with a greater variety of vegetables later, but potatoes to start with).

Bought a cheap keyboard and mouse in Maplins sale, and now had enough parts from upgrading computer to reassemble a complete unupgraded version (with CD drive that was given away on cam.misc, and grotty old 14" monitor with burn-in from an older machine). Windows doesn't start but needs older version reinstalling to be legal anyway, and I've forgotten the root password for the Linux installation, but it at least sort of works.

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