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autumn colour
Autumn colour,
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I took the cycle path across the fields from the Park and Ride for a change. We don't get the glorious colours that New England does, but there's something about the crispness of the morning reflected in the quality of the light.
Also, some plumbing photos to share my pain.

Photo meme

Oct. 28th, 2007 06:15 pm
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Because [ profile] the_magician says all the cool kids are doing it:
Ask me to photograph something ... it could be just about anything, but I reserve the right to "interpret" your request if it makes for a better photo or is vaguely amusing to me :-) ... no guarantee for how quickly I'll get around to your request, but I'll see what I can do (and I also reserve the right to use a photograph I've already taken if it fits your theme/request)
armb: Dog jumping in water (Default) will (among other things), let you set Flickr upload dates to match "photo taken" dates on a lot of photos at once, allowing you to reorder your photostream if (for example) you want to stick a load of summer holiday photos back in time months later. It does mean giving access to your Flickr account to a complete stranger, and learning to use Flickr's API myself might be better, but it's a lot easier to use an existing form than fiddling one at a time in Flickr. At least it will in future be now I've found the tool.
And can set date taken metadata on images that are missing it (or correct it if your camera date was set wrongly).


Aug. 25th, 2006 03:47 pm
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Two days after I geet my new camera, and new replacement models are announced.
Still, the main change seems to be more pixels on the same size sensor, and I'd already gone for the lower resolution A610 not the A620, though the new ones do allow a faster speed, so presumably must have improved the noise reduction.
If I'd just bought a 350D new 400D might be more annoying.

Dan's Data on excessive megapixel count in small cameras.
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Went to the Cambridge fireworks on Saturday. Forecast rain didn't happen, which was nice. We were well back where it's quieter and not so crowded - near a small cluster of photographers (with tripods etc.), but not (as far as I saw) including ewx. I didn't take a camera - maybe next year, by which time I plan to have a digital, allowing instant feedback of what worked (at least to some extent).
Ones I currently fancy include the Pentax Optio WP because it's compact enough to take everywhere and waterproof, and the larger Canon A610 because "compact enough to take everywhere" is possibly "annoyingly fiddly".
I also fancy a DSLR sometime, but that's another can of worms. (I have two film SLRs, a Pentax ME-F and my father-in-law's Minolta Dynax 7, neither with enough lenses to make switching systems out of the question but both things it might be nice to be compatible with (Pentax 28mm, 50mm, 75-150 zoom with graunchy movement, all manual focus aperture priority only; Minolta 35-80 (I think) AF zoom). Sell the Pentax stuff and get an old Canon AE-1 body instead if I get a Canon DSLR is one option.)
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Full frame sensor, 12 megapixels, around half the price of an EOS-1Ds. Not that I'm likely to buy one, but it should help continure the downward price trend for lesser cameras.
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View from St. George's castle, Kefalonia. Panorama created with AutoStitch. (Full size picture about 700kB). More photos in the gallery, with more to come.

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I bought one of Derek Langley's Cambridge calendars at the All Saints Garden Craft Market before Christmas. Admired some of his new colour semi-abstracts, which make a change from the sepia cityscapes, nice though the latter are. (I used to work with Derek some years ago before he gave up programming to be a full time photographer.)
We also have a Nils-Udo calendar and an Earth from Above one.
(The "set off a long build at work and check it once I get home" plan hasn't happened yet. Trundle trundle.)

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