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Jan. 10th, 2009 06:03 pm
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The replacement dog flap I put in last weekend has broken already, in spite of my trying to reinforce the place it (first) broke on the last one with aluminium mesh glued to the plastic.

It's one of these:

If you fling open the flap with great speed and force, the bit labelled "U-shape" hits bits of the flap frame that hold in the round bits that stick out, and apply a bending force. Snap.

A wider flap won't fit in the door (half of a double door - there are already spacer bits of wood because it doesn't fit within the panel bit). (Not that it needs to be wider, but it limits what taller ones would fit.)
Moving the same door further up would reduce the tendency for the flap to be flung so hard, but make it harder for smaller dog and cats to use the same flap, as would making my own sturdier (aluminium?) replacement part.

These don't have the U-shape will (I assume) be as drafty as the existing one was with the U broken.
These look very tough, but ugly and hard for cats to open (and are American, so I'd need to pay shipping).

Any suggestions? Maybe two flaps for different size animals?

[EDIT: Sticking a conservatory outside that door and having a drafty flap into that from outside and another drafty flap into the main house would have some advantages (assuming we avoid the problems the incompetents at Everest have been causing a friend), but would be Not Cheap, and block a pathway making it impossible to get e.g. a wheelbarrow from back to front garden.]
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Dear kittens,
My face does not need licking with raspy tongues to wash it. Nor does it need washing at five o'clock in the morning.
Yours sincerely, Alan.
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Kittens are happily exploring everywhere and have met the other cats and the dogs without serious incident.


Aug. 13th, 2007 10:27 pm
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Merry and Pippin
Merry and Pippin,
originally uploaded by armb.
I have 5Gb of holiday photos in bad need of editting, most only of interest to the family or showing the limitations of a handheld compact camera, and some kittens. Hands up who wants to see the holiday photos? Right, kittens it is.
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Now that Sophie (aka Fluffcat) is an old lady, she sometimes struggles to keep her fur unmatted by herself (she isn't Persian fluffy (or flatnosed), so managed until recently, give or take the occasional furball). Brushes and combs seem to divide into "ineffectual" and "to be violently objected to". I haven't yet had the problem [ profile] james_nicoll alluded to in a post I can't find right now yet though.
Here's photo of a cat's tongue.

Frodo's paw

Mar. 5th, 2006 05:58 pm
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Frodo cut his paw this morning, so I took him off to bleed over the vet's floor and get a bandage - he can walk on it, but not go swimming. We couldn't find what he'd cut himself on though.


Nov. 15th, 2004 06:36 pm
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Took Sophie to the vet for post-op checkup. Read more... )
Gardening, including finishing putting bubblewrap up in greenhouse. It would have been better to do it before the frost, but at least plants waiting to go in for the winter were under cover.
Family cycle outings in Ickworth Park and Thetford Forest, the latter with Frodo (the puppy) along too, which he loved.
Fitted my dynamo to a Dynashoe. Read more... )
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Sophie Fluffcat went to the vet to have a tooth out today. Read more... )

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