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Alice's phone is being unreliable, so I could use that as an excuse to pass my phone to her and buy myself a shiny new one (along with my PDA's previously mentioned flaky sync socket).

Tesco are about to do the iPhone as PAYG for less than Play charge for an unlocked 3G, and with 3GS also available from Tesco.

But the principle of an Android phone still appeals, e.g. Geeksphone One, HTC Tattoo.
And there are lots of rumours of assorted future Android stuff.

Or a boring less shiny Windows Mobile Zinc II would be rather cheaper.

(Edit: But T-Mobile Pulse now less than that: )
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I've been thinking about getting a new phone, because the sync connector on my PDA has become dodgy.
I think xkcd may have just made up my mind for me:

Later edit:
(In terms of platform, I wasn't likely to get new top end models like the Droid.)

Current plan is still to use older non-smart phone, and PDA that still syncs so long as you wiggle the USB lead about a bit, because when it finally fails there will be more options.
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Can anyone recommend an easy way of taking a load of mp3 files currently arranged as
<track artist>/<album>/<track name>
and rearranging them as
((genre == "Classical" || genre == "Books & Spoken Word") ? <composer> : <album artist>)/<album>/<track name> ?
mp3tag comes close, and Googling a little more Tag&Rename might do it, but further recommendations welcomed.

[EDIT: Now using &lt; &gt; rather than < >. Doh.]

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