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Swapped the 16 tooth sprocket on the folder SA hub for a 13 tooth one I bought from eBay.
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There's a folding bike like mine just sold for £95. Paintwork in slightly better condition than my £3 one, but that still seems a lot.
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And I'm lusting after this ICE Q NT, but can't really justify the money.


Jul. 23rd, 2005 10:28 am
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Joined the Cambridge Bent Friday Ride yesterday lunchtime to see Jon's homebuilt recumbent (u.r.c thread).
Rebuilt the folder wheel having cut 6mm or so off every spoke. The steel nipples are forming their own threads below the original ones to some extent, but with luck there is enough of the proper spoke thread engaged in undeformed nipple thread to hold. We'll see.
[Edit: and assembling the bike, I now notice the gear chain (like this) is now missing from the hub. Luckily I have a spare, albeit worn.]
armb: Dog jumping in water (Default) finally had my spokes in. In spite of my leaving the rim and hub with them for over a week to be measured and the right spoke size calculated, the spokes are too big.
Not just "have to grind a bit off where it comes through the nipple" big, but "every nipple is fully done up with 5mm of spoke protruding and they still aren't really taut" big.
I am not a happy bunny. If they had said "you'll have to work out what size you want to order", I would have taken it away and fed numbers into assorted online spoke length calculators, but they didn't.
(Sheldon's wheelbuilding page.)
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I bought a BMX bike at Milton tip the weekend before last, on the way to GK's party (I was passing on the way to buy some strawberries from the farm near there)and used bits of it )
And I bought some XT V-brakes from eBay (my first eBay win) to upgrade the ones on my hybrid. Read more... )
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As discussed here, put a V-brake adaptor on the folder last week/this weekend.
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Did quite a lot of gardening this weekend, and sold Nana Pam's lawnmower.
Spent most of this afternoon with Kevin at D.Tek (who don't have a website) in Little Thetford, trying out assorted recumbent bicycles (LWB, SWB, and CLWB) and tricycles (delta and tadpole (a KettWeisel).
Most plausible from a budget point of view was a Dawes (I hadn't realized Dawes sold a recumbent, it was a rebadged Batavus Relaxx, and didn't sell very well (heavy, and not enough gears for the touring it was marketed for), but Kevin thinks it makes quite a good starter recumbent, plausible for commuting).
Favourite from a "we could replace a car" point of view was the ICE trike.
I failed to ride a Challenge Hurricane, which I wobbled on in much the same way as when I tried Mike C's Ross, but I only had a very short try at the end on that, so, like the Ross, would probably manage after more practice.
I enjoyed the session enough that I might well try hiring a bike for a longer period sometime this summer.

[EDIT: Now with photos. (From my camcorder in "save a still on the memory stick" mode. We might get a decent digital camera this summer.)]
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Pedals bought from a urc poster in todays post. Haven't put them on the folding bike to try yet.
(Nicer folding pedals exist, and I don't really need them, but for £10 it should make it a smidgen narrower when folded.)
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Cycled from work to the Park and Ride through freezing rain with a bit of snow. My shoe has fallen apart - a four inch long gap where it has completely come away from the sole. They are less than two years old, and I don't wear them all the time, so I am not impressed.
I'd forgotten just how poor at braking in the wet old style chromed steel rims are (I was on the folder). But I couldn't see to go very fast anyway.
I have now found my gloves and neoprene overshoes.
Thought I'd finally mended the light (after two trips to Maplin and one to Gees to get the right size barrel connector - forgot to take the old one with me the first time), but apparently not.
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Meant to go to pub meet (to say hi to [ profile] the_magician among others), but failed, mostly because I'd forgotten a bike lock. more bike stuff )


Sep. 3rd, 2004 09:47 pm
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Called in at Milton tip this morning since I was coming in on the A10 having come from Ely. Bought a dynohub.
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Well, 30 odd year old really. I bought a folder from the tip^H^H^H recycling centre.
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And, for another bike, I built my first wheel.Read more... )
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Thought about folding bicycles a bit more. Read more... )

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