Feb. 9th, 2009 05:05 pm
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I have a parking Penalty Charge Notice. I also have a Pay and Display ticket with an expiry time 14 minutes after the supposed time of infringement. I am not happy. The query button on says it doesn't know about that notice yet.

Wind, Ka

Jun. 26th, 2007 08:07 am
armb: (car) says 17-28mph at Mildenhall. I think I'll drive to work, not cycle....

When I took the Ka for its service I did mention it had been tending to stall at junctions etc. unless you tickled the throttle while changing down or in neutral. "Yes, they seem to do that" was the not terribly encouraging response. I thought it was a little better after the service, but not much. That weekend Alice drove it for the first time in some time, and complained that I might have got used to compensating for its problems, but she found it impossible. Google suggested cleaning the idle control valve and throttle body (and changing the fuel filter, as did Haynes, but the service had done that), so I did, and it seems to have been much better last week.
After cleaning the throttle body I found a sticker on it saying "Do not clean inside, special coating". Oh well, too late now. I'm fairly sure what I cleaned off was largely gunky crud, not a special coating - with luck it meant don't use abrasives and the carb cleaner was okay. Worst case I think the one from the dead engine is still in the shed.
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The Ka's exhaust died last week, so Monday it went in for a replacement and the service I'd been trying to put off until the MOT was due (I had changed the oil). Vaguely starting to think about what we'll do when it dies - the rust on the door sills is only cosmetic now, but I suspect it won't last more than two years. By which time both boys will be at secondary school, so I won't be taking them to school before commuting.
I did call in on the electric bike people on Mill Road again recently Read more... ). But while I'm nowhere near being able to cycle the whole way every day yet, I have done 1000 miles so far this year, according to what I've recorded on
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Renewed the Ka's insurance today. Renewal notice said 20 years no claims discount (it's actually longer than that since my only claim, but I haven't had a car insured in my name all that time).
I did cycle all the way in (16 miles) today, for the first time in months, in the hope of setting a precedent for the year, but I can't see us giving up a car before something bad happens to it again. On the other hand Alice did recently say she might cycle sometimes in the summer, so if we cycle on different days maybe we could SORN one car for six months - not sure it's really worthwhile though. I want to improve the ergonomics of my computer desk at home for working remotely too.
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Our local Tesco has stopped selling LRP and started selling high octane unleaded with 5% bioethanol. I filled the Audi's tank this morning [EDIT: after checkup/clean at the dentist - warning about jaw bone loss repeated, but no new problems] and it seemed happy on the way in. Now to go home and try and find out what's wrong with the Ka.
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read the instructions.
The Audi's driver's door window had been making graunching noises for a while. Read more... )
Today I finally got around to fitting the replacement mechanism - which was a lot easier once I actually read the bit of the Haynes manual saying I was expected to dismantle the entire door before undoing the clip holding the window onto the slider bit.
To do soon - remember where we put the detachable front panel of the radio [EDIT - found it], or finally get round to fitting the radio that came out of the previous car, with its CD changer. But fixing the slow leak in the pipe near a hot water tank in the house is probably higher priority (it's a soldered joint (not one I did) leaking, so it means draining the system).
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Garage aren't happy about fitting the gearbox because a mounting lug has broken on the engine - it looks like it was broken before and stuck on. It's still under warranty, so I have phoned the engine suppliers about a replacement (but just got the answerphone so far).


Dec. 21st, 2004 11:38 am
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Gearbox arrived by TNT this morning, so took it off to Ely (delivery to the credit card billing address only, but that beats delivering it elsewhere, but taking a couple of weeks over it).
And when I got into work, found the problem I hit last night i) isn't my misunderstanding something, it's a bug elsewhere and ii) it has been fixed. Which was nice, and makes me feel I might manage this bit by the most immediate deadline after all.
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The Ka has gone from making a slightly worrying whining sound (it was more worrying until I took it for a professional checkup, but Barry at Nice's thought it was ok) to making a much more worrying rattling noise (so much for the checkup).
Read more... )
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The Audi is better than it was, though the idle is still wobbly. Vindis offered to fit a new idle stabilization valve and its control unit for £800+ (on top of the £200 for what they did do), but I declined.
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Ka nearly done, I hope. Read more... )
Rory baked a nice chocolate cake.
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Audi still not really right.Read more... )
Ka engine in. Read more... )
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I have a Ka engine.
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Still no engine, or news of what has become of it (when I got through to supplier, he said the courier hadn't been answering their phone).
No shortage of other stuff to do about the house (armb's top tip for silicone sealant - disposable vinyl gloves), but my parents are going to need the car they lent us back soon, and we are supposed to be going to Wales for half term. Fingers crossed a new temperature sensor fixes the Audi on Monday.

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