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Rather more vapourish than, and "Is the end for derailleurs in sight?" is massively overblown, but still interesting.
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I'd been sort of considering something like this as a possible use for a hypothetical childback tandem frame once it was no longer needed as a tandem.
More loadbikes on my trailer page. (Note to self, add link there to the velovision forum page.)
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Jamie emailed yesterday evening to say the courier company had left all his batteries in Taiwan, but I went and collected the rest of the bits (including the actual hub motor, not in the photo). Assembly instructions are a wiring diagram and a Quicktime video that claims it can be put together in ten minutes, which is optimistic even assuming that you are fitting to a new bike with e.g. existing brakes or handlebar grips to take off first, but I should get it done over the Christmas holiday.

EDIT: I'm reliably informed that I won't be doing anything to any bike until after the remaining bedrooms have central heating.
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Bike lights

Once I'd bought new brackets, I tried the DLumotec with the Lumotec as a secondary light. It didn't really work, which turns out to be another known problem.
But I sent the rattling light off to AMBA (the importers), who sent me back a replacement. The halogen Lumotec now comes up to noticeable brightness around 12mph, but I'm not really sure whether it's worth bothering with or not. (I haven't tried a series capacitor yet).
With Andreas hinting at a new Schmidt light I might hold off on buying an IQ Fly, but the current setup is certainly usable as is.
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This may be the best looking bike ever.
This lugwork is also stunning, in a completely different but equally good way. (via)
(More on the lugged stainless bike:


Sep. 21st, 2007 11:58 am
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I haven't totally given up on the idea of a recumbent, though going for the electric motor as a an answer to "how can I make cycling into headwinds easier" does rather reduce the plausible budget for one.
There was a Speed Ross on eBay recently, but without having seen it and with the description saying it needed some work, I wasn't prepared to go higher than £200. It went for £206, but of course I can't tell how much higher the winning bidder might have gone. And it's not an ideal bike for in town use anyway, even if it would be faster for the not-town bit of the commute.
(I left a bid on one of these kits (built into a bike)before going on holiday, too, but that went for quite a lot more than my bid (which I can't remember now).)
The tyres on my folder are cracking, which might be an excuse for another visit to D.Tek.
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20+mph head winds cycling in this morning. I mentioned that I was thinking of getting an electric assist motor a while back when the winds were similar. Last week I did actually do something about it, and pre-ordered a kit Read more... )

They also had a Vectrix maxi-scooter, which looks very nice, but is £7000 (and needs to be insured and MOTed, even if electric vehicles are zero VED). And apparently getting one registered was quite hard, though the DVLA might cope more easily as they get used to it.
Some reviews:
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Dynamo light on fork
Dynamo light on fork,
originally uploaded by armb.
I foolishly left my battery backup light on the bike yesterday, and it was stolen. No problems getting home with the dynamo light, but it's annoying. (The battery light had very good side visibility when stopped at a junction - and annoying glare upwards, but mounting it under the bar bag fixes that. And Cycle King not only aren't having their January sale at the moment (obviously), they don't have the same light any more even at full price. Halfords do something exactly equivalent, but more expensive than the Hella.)

I wonder when the IQ Fly will be available.
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I've seen the Outspoken delivery bikes several times recently, including once right on the edge of town by the P&R.
I must try and take up their offer of a test ride sometime. Not that I plan to buy an 8 Freight, but it could be fun to try one.
(Hmm, their website seems to be down. Here's a CCC newsletter article.)

Also the Arts Theatre had a trike with a big advertising board on the back which was stopped not far from work one lunchtime a few days ago - it appeared to be a custom build (very long wheelbase), but the rider didn't know the history. I didn't have a camera with me at the time. (It was advertising The Seafarer at the time, and the rider had leaflets to hand out.)


Dec. 1st, 2006 12:39 pm
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I came across these coloured bike tyres with reflective areas (requires Flash) via Velorution.
Just got an email saying that while they don't have a UK distributer at the moment, they hope to have one by springtime.
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First of all: Astronomers of Rock.

I still have this theory that while I don't need an electric motor to be able to cycle all the way from home, and on a good day I go fast enough that one couldn't be legally useful, I might do it more often with an assist (and possibly get fit enough then to not need the assist).
I had a look at Cambridge Bike Hire's kit today.
Plus points: it's relatively cheap, compared to, say a Heinzmann, and the Li-ion battery is relatively lightweight.
It's available, whereas would-be Bionx distributers still say "Coming soon" (and I've just found, but that says price TBA).
Airnimal are based in Cambridge, and have now a Bionx on a Joey, so I might look into that (it's also more expensive though).
Minus points: relatively unsophisticated controls compared with the Bionx's proportional assist (sensing chain torque).
The "Jamie's still working on the wiring because they came without instructions" thing.

(They also had a Sakura Mustang, which was fun looking but impractical, and my legs are far too long for it.)
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There was a mention on uk.rec.cycling of a Speed Ross on eBay. (More photos of the Ross here, since eBay ones will expire.)
(Mike's Ross was the first SWB recumbent I tried, and I have met David a couple of times before.)
I met him at lunchtime yesterday (and again after work to see his other bikes), then continued dithering about whether it was really a sensible commuting bike. Eventually decided I would try a bid this morning, only to find it had gone up beyond the limit I'd decided on.


Oct. 12th, 2006 05:35 pm
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I bought a pair of Rainlegs not long ago, and used them for the second time last night. Possibly expensive for what they are (£24.95 from Townsends), but I really don't like overtrousers and they do stop trousers getting as soggy as they otherwise might when raining (and are smaller and lighter in a bag). (I'm not sure they'd be as much using walking or running, at least if the wind was behind you.)


Feb. 13th, 2006 07:29 pm
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originally uploaded by armb.
Found a potential buyer for our U+2 trailer cycle, so took a few photos of it.
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On Sunday I took some photos of the bike trailer, did a bit of work mending bits, then tried it out for the first time (taking a box of plastic bottles round the corner to the recycling collection point, and glass to the bottle bank (why can't they be in the same place?)).
It shimmies badly. Bought a couple of rivnuts at Mackays this morning, which I think I can use to improve the sloppy joint. Longer term I think it wants a hitch more like this.
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originally uploaded by armb.
Testing using flickr. I took some photos of the cycle bridge to Soham built as part of the Fordham bypass work on my way back from the farm shop in Wicken on Saturday.
See this uk.rec.cycling thread for some background, and the DfT width recommendations. (Some other photos in the set have the bike in for scale, so you can see how plausible two-way mixed cycling and pedestrian traffic would be.)
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(Choosing the two points nearest the Park and Ride and my workplace, it suggests a route I hadn't thought of. I'll have to try it when I go back to work.)

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