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read the instructions.
The Audi's driver's door window had been making graunching noises for a while. Read more... )
Today I finally got around to fitting the replacement mechanism - which was a lot easier once I actually read the bit of the Haynes manual saying I was expected to dismantle the entire door before undoing the clip holding the window onto the slider bit.
To do soon - remember where we put the detachable front panel of the radio [EDIT - found it], or finally get round to fitting the radio that came out of the previous car, with its CD changer. But fixing the slow leak in the pipe near a hot water tank in the house is probably higher priority (it's a soldered joint (not one I did) leaking, so it means draining the system).

Car stuff

Mar. 16th, 2005 09:02 pm
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Filled the Audi's tank yesterday, for the first time in a month or so, or rather didn't quite fill it because I hit Tesco's pay at pump £60 limit first, for the first time. Read more... )
Current plan for cars says use the Audi to go to the cottage after Easter (ideally without knocking the exhaust off again, possibly trying to fill some of the worse potholes on the track), then see just how much it needs to get through the MOT, and make a decision after that. We'll keep the Ka till then in case the Audi is either off the road for a while or dies, but it might be sold towards a replacement big car (one which will take five people and two dogs, and camping gear, and a dinghy or two - not necessarily all at the same time, and possibly with the aid of a trailer).

Bypass news

Mar. 1st, 2005 01:31 pm
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We have a roundabout. Well, almost all of a roundabout, you can't come in from the north go around and head back north again, and you could only come in from the south and go round to head back south again by ignoring a "Works Vehicles Only" sign and squeezing between cones, but it's definite progress.
(And I also fitted the new hydraulic pipe on the Audi at the weekend, so we have two working cars again, at least for now. In an ideal world I would also have renewed the insurance on the one which is due today, but I'll do that when I get home.)
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The Audi is better than it was, though the idle is still wobbly. Vindis offered to fit a new idle stabilization valve and its control unit for £800+ (on top of the £200 for what they did do), but I declined.
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Audi still not really right.Read more... )
Ka engine in. Read more... )
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Still no engine, or news of what has become of it (when I got through to supplier, he said the courier hadn't been answering their phone).
No shortage of other stuff to do about the house (armb's top tip for silicone sealant - disposable vinyl gloves), but my parents are going to need the car they lent us back soon, and we are supposed to be going to Wales for half term. Fingers crossed a new temperature sensor fixes the Audi on Monday.
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Added a bit more detail to Easter holiday. Nice's now have the right brake caliper, so my car should be ready tomorrow.


Apr. 18th, 2004 09:23 pm
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Went to the National Space Centre on Saturday, which was enjoyable. Got a bit of gardening done on Sunday (though sadly didn't mow the lawn on Saturday evening before friends arrived for supper, and it was far too wet on Sunday) - mostly pruning. Also went to a party (for a book launch, at least nominally) and saw some friends I haven't seen for ages, which was nice.
The Audi still wasn't ready on Friday evening - having got a subtly wrong replacement part four times, Barry at Nice's suspects we might have to get the current caliper overhauled instead of getting an exchange part, which will be another four days or so. Weather doesn't look as nice for cycling as last week.
Checked the U+2 in case Alice needs it in the week if I use the Ka, which was a good thing as a tube needed replacing (hole right next to the valve stem, so I doubt the old one is patchable). Fitted the spare tube, but left further fiddling for tomorrow morning (her bike (which is really Pam's) won't take the U+2 fitting with its current seatpost and rack).
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Cycled into work this morning, but Nice's have still got a wrong rear caliper, so collecting the car will have to wait for tomorrow ("third time lucky"). It looks like it will be a nice evening again though. Estimated I could save about £700 a year if I cycled the whole way both ways all summer (fuel saved + reduced servicing costs), but I think I'd have to start gradually, and there's always the danger I'd blow the more than the savings on bike upgrades. (I used the Ka yesterday and didn't cycle at all - still vaguely thinking about a folding bike, but the bike man on the market didn't have any the last few times I've been through the market.)

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